What’s The Hype?


HYPE (Healthy Young PEople) offers free confidential health advice and support to anyone between the ages of 10-19. The team run fun sessions (Health Challenge) in the local youth centres and you can also pop in and see us at our HYPE Point in Kenworthy House.

You can find out more about safe sex, alcohol, smoking, drugs, bullying, stress, relationships, nutrition and exercise at all of our sessions and on our website.

If you want to talk about anything that’s worrying you or find out more about something to do with your health and wellbeing you can visit us at one of our HYPE Points and speak to a youth worker in person. You can also email us with any questions you have.

Tel: 01482 303 541




Making of Unknown Destination Film

Interviews and feedback from young people about Unknown Destination Film. Rinas, Sharam, Ayub, Nanko, Pedro, Isrshad and Taj.




Unknown Destination

A short film written and produced by young  asylum seekers and refugees living in Hull.

It is based on their real life experiences.

This powerful film captures the captures the challenges, struggles, and trauma young people experience when faced with an uncertain future.

We are currently in the process of developing the film in to an awareness training pack to be delivered within educational and young people settings and other community based organisations. If you require further information please contact the HYPE team on:
Tel: 01482 303541
Email: lmarris@ablhealth.co.uk



Bullying and Us

A creative short film made by a group of 10 – 12yr olds from Route One Youth Centre focusing on their experiences of bullying and where to get help and support in Hull. Listen to the powerful experiences of Arial, Callum and Jasmine as they courageously tell their stories with humour and honesty.




Parents Voices of YEI magazine

Final production of our online Parents Voice magazine! A great 8 weeks working creatively together, taking an emotional journey exploring the trials and tribulations, joys and rewards of parenthood

“Proud to share our first online magazine”

Parents Voices of YEI





Let it Out

Check out this brave story of Matilda’s experience and how she manages to express her feelings of anger safely. ‘Let it out’ is a short film made by the Hype Team working with under the 12’s at Darley’s Youth Centre. Matilda’s supportive friend also gives her creative helpful top tips on managing difficult feelings.




Capture the Feeling Magazine

This exhibition has been created by young people in Hull aged 13 – 24 yrs.

The main focus was for young people to express their personal feelings and emotions through the camera lens. This has involved team work skills, building confidence and self – esteem.

The young people created this exhibition, which was part of a wider creative and cultural exhibition in the city.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photography

Capture the feeling Poster



Film Launch Kardomah94 Event Gallery

Film launch 01



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